We are introducing Free Web Hosting Plan for New Customers

At TNP HOST we make sure you try our services at least once. However, our analytics found that people tend to ignore the services provided by web hosting providers because they are afraid if it does not work for them, they will have to ask for a refund. Some of our pre-sales enquiries also suggested that they should get a trial version first before they try our services.

On 25th May 2019, We have decided to introduce the Absolutely Free Web hosting plan for 1st time user.

Here is a configurational detail of Free web hosting plan:


Please note only first time users are eligible for this plan. Existing users with Active Services are not eligible for this web hosting plan.

Since the Mysql Database is not used by static Websites, we have disabled it on this plan. However, we enable up to 1 Mysql database for trial. Any user opting for this plan will have to open a support ticket to enable the MySql Database feature.

Since this Web Hosting Plan can be exploited because it is entirely free, It is activated only after verification of User. The verification may take up to 12 hours.

Hope you opt for this plan and experience TNP HOST Services for your upcoming website.


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