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Want to Grow your Website ? Know how “keywords” help you

The first thing that comes to your mind before you think to start optimizing your website for search engines is Keywords Research.

To be honest, you must research about keywords before you do SEO. In fact, you should keep in mind the keywords you are about to use before you build a website. Do you know why? Keep reading.

Compare keywords with seeds

If you want to grow a certain plant or a tree, let’s say mango tree you decide to bring mango seed and prepare it for plantation. Similarly, if you want to grow a batch of plants in your garden, you will research what seeds you need to grow your website.

Now before I take this metaphor too much further, let me explain what I’m trying to point out: Your plants in your garden is your website and seeds are the keywords. If you want more traffic on your website you have to research for keywords people are searching most on the internet.

i.e if you want to earn more money by selling mangoes, you have to get right seed.

Reseach your keywords

Keyword research is the first thing where SEO begins. If you are not researching your keywords, you are loose enough to stand in competition. The more you research, the more probable you are going to good traffic.

This is like growing many plants in your large garden, you have to research on different types of seeds and find out which grows best and why.

Just like you need tools while growing plants, you also need tools to grow your website using the keyword.

Instead of using your own sense of humor, it is always better to use tools available on internet which also shows statistics of Keyword.

Some of the tools are, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, SEO Moz is also popular, Google My Business plays an important Role, SERPs which I personally recommend.

Keywords for SEO


Your keywords help you market your website; they tell everyone what your website is all about. And by “everyone,” I mean the search engines, your visitors, your writers, your suppliers, those who create your product or service, and even you. And that’s why you should get that research done BEFORE you build your website.

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