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  1. Dear Sir,
    your web hosting for is suspended can you activate , I raised ticket but no response your telephone contact number +91 75650 12721, your whats up support is not working, Chat is not responding. Can you please repond to this message.

  2. Hi,

    I received an email from you that I am using outdated script. I have not changed any script in website can you be more specific, I am not using any outdated scripts. If so you must deactivate only that script why do deactivate control panel?

    Remember We have paid for this service , it is not free service.

    Can you tell me which is the script being used to SPAM,

    Now our same website is running from another ISP and there is no problem,
    I think the problem is that you do not control the shared space security.
    You are not replying to any tickets , not on whatsup chat, your telephone support is not working what a type of service is this yar.
    Best regards,

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