Steps To Manage Software Installed Using Softaculous

If you’ve used Softaculous to install several different programs onto your account, you can easily manage all of those programs from the Scripts Installations page. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to access this overview page, and we’ll also explain the features available.

To visit your installed scripts overview page in Softaculous:

Step 1: Log into your cPanel
Step 2: Under the Software/Services heading, click the Softaculous icon
Step 3: In the top menu, click the Script Installs link
Step 4: You are now on the Script Installations page. Here, you will see a listing of all programs you’ve installed with Softaculous. For each program listed, you’ll have the following options:
icon_backup   Backup : You can use the backup utility to backup both your files and database.
icon_uninstall   Remove : The remove tool allows you to easily uninstall any program you’ve previously installed.
icon_edit_details   Edit Details : This feature allows you to change your program’s installation details, such as the folder where it is installed and the database                                                                configuration details.
icon_upgrade     Upgrade : If there is a newer version available of the program you’re running, this tool will help you upgrade to the latest version.
icon_admin_login    Login :  Clicking the login icon brings you to your program’s administrative login page.

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