Making An Image A Link

Any image can be a hyperlink to another webpage or another website all together. This will allow your website’s visitors to click on an image and go to a different webpage automatically. We will start using the same code as we did in the previous tutorial and build on it in this example:

<img src=”/support/Images/image.jpg” align=”middle” width=”250″ height=”320″ />

Now we will make it a link.  The basic tag to make something an active hyperlink is <a href=”/support/___”>object/text to be linked</a>.  This looks very foreign to new website designers, since href is not a “word” that most people have seen before, but it is used whenever you want to create a link on your website.  As with other tags, make sure that you close the <a href> tag with the </a> at the end or the hyperlink will never end.  For images, you will simply put the hyperlink tag before and after your image code:

<a href=”/support/morepictures.html”><img src=”/support/Images/image.jpg” align=”middle” width=”250″ height=”320″ /></a>

The link above will make the image (image.jpg) a hyperlink to the page morepictures.html on your website.

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