Image Alignment

In the last tutorial of this series, you learned how to add a basic image to your website. Often you will need to change the alignment of the image on the page. This can be done by modifying you image tag in the HTML code. We will use the same code as we did in the previous tutorial.

<img src=”/support/Images/my-image.jpg” />

Now we will change the alignment.  For the alignment of the image, you have a few options:

  • align=”left”
  • align=”right”
  • align=”middle”
  • align=”top”
  • align=”bottom”

If we have an image that we want to appear in the middle of the page, we will use the “middle” alignment tag.  The align tag will go in the same code as the img src, like this:

<img src=”/support/Images/image.jpg” align=”middle”>

The image will now appear in the middle of the page.  When an image is aligned in this method, the text will appear above or below the image.

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