How to set the max_input_vars variable for your entire web hosting account?

  • There can be times when you are attempting to edit some file and trying to save that file, you may get a strange error :

    It seems that the default setting of the php version our customer have chosen was set to a lower value (I believe it was 1000) and this was causing an issue with the script used for verifying the language file edits.

    Solution :

    The resolution of this issue seems to be quite a simple one. In order to resolve this issue I added the following code to the .htaccess file used by the client’s Prestashop application.

    That solved the issue and I was able to perform the changes in the language files used by the client’s website.


    Why the default limit is so low:

    The max_input_vars variable should be a lower value as if it is greater one it opens the door to abusive behaviour mostly with DDoS attacks hash collisions. This is the reason why we keep that variable lower on all our shared hosting packages.
    If you are getting the same error message and the suggested fix does not resolve the issue for you please contact our technical support team as they will investigate and surely resolve this issue for you.

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