Redis Cache Setup for WordPress on CentOS with cPanel

Redis cache

In this article, TNP HOST will demonstrate installation of Redis cache for WordPress and how to supercharge your website using Redis. One of the most popular caching systems is Redis. This article explains how to improve WordPress performance by using Redis Cache. There are several articles available on internet related to use of Redis in […]

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How to Add a Forum in WordPress with bbPress

Forum in Wordpress

Bulletin boards and forums are good old reliable tools to build online communities. There are plenty of open source forum softwares that you can install on your website. However, if you are running a WordPress site then integrating a third party forum with WordPress can be a mess. bbPress is the answer to that problem. […]

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How to Change Sender Name in Outgoing WordPress Email

Do you want to change sender name ( default ) and email address for outgoing WordPress emails? By default, WordPress uses ‘WordPress’ as the sender name for all outgoing WordPress notification emails. In this article, we will show you how to change the default sender name and email address in outgoing WordPress email. Why You […]

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How to configure WordPress to use SMTP for sending Emails

SMTP wordpress

By default, WordPress uses the PHP Mail function to send its emails. However it is better to use SMTP as it handles sending messages better and you can also use it to send emails from a third party mailing service. To begin, first you need to install a plugin named WP Mail SMTP by following […]

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Replace WordPress Cron Job with Cpanel Cron Job

cron job

Setup cPanel cron job for your WordPress Tasks Because WordPress has to work on all sort of different platforms, OS’s and configurations, it can’t rely that there will be a cronjob service on the server that can handle scheduled tasks. This is why WordPress developers have created a workaround – the wp-cron.php file in your main […]

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