Semi Dedicated hosting

Get the best web hosting for $ 130/mo


Starting at
  • 500 GB Space
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • SSD Powered
  • 4 Full CPUs

Pro Plus

Starting at
  • 1 TB Space
  • 2 TB Bandwidth
  • SSD Powered
  • 4 Full CPUs

SSD Drive

(loads website 20 times faster)

Limited Sharing

(share your server with limited people)

Unique IP Address

(Host your website on dedicated IP)

Faster Speed

( 2 Full CPU cores allotted)
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Usually 10000 or 15000 rpm drives
0.1 ms

Access times

SSDs exhibit virtually no access times
5.5 - 8.0 ms
SSDs delivery at least6000 io/s

Randome I/O Performance

SSDs are at latest 15 times faster than HDDs
HDDs reach upto400 io/s
SSDs have a failure rate of less than0.5%


This makes SSDs 4-10 times more reliable
HDDs failure rate fluctuates between2-5%
The average service time for an I/O request while running a backup remains below20ms

Input/Output request times

SSDs allow for much faster data access
The I/O request time with HDDs during backup rises up to400-500ms
SSDs backups take about6 hours

Backup rates

SSDs allow for 3-5 times faster backups for your data

Great for Startups

Semi dedicated hosting is great for startups with more traffic and sustainable speed with rest of the competition. It reduces your initial cost to buy costly Dedicated Server.

Run a Wordpress Blog

Great for Wordpress Blog hosting. You can run a large blog without a need to buy VPS or dedicated server and still attain large number of simultaneous vistors and run your blog at faster speed.

More Monthly Bandwidth

Now no more exceeding of bandwith just because you have much users at your website and you are running more processes. Semi dedicated gives you access to sufficient bandwith to run your website for more number of users and processes.

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Optional addon with semi dedicated hosting
Free Auto Installer

310+ Available Applications

Free Backups

Automatic, Worry-Free Hosting

Build Your Brand

Easier White Labelling

Free cPanel

Save $425 a year

Free SSD Drives

Included with All hosting Plans

application upgrade
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8 Transit Provider 300+ Private Peers

15 minute average ticket response

100% Network Uptime in

4 hours or less server deployment