Report Abuse

How and where I file abuse complaints?

If you need to report a domain, web-site or email address involved in illegal/abusing activities, here are some tips you may follow to make this process easier.

Your actions will depend on the type of the issue you would like to report. Here is the brief information regarding the most common issues:
  1. Spam. If you receive spam emails, you should report the issue to email service provider which is used for sending emails. You may find their contact details using originating IP Whois (the originating IP can be found in email headers).

    If you are not sure how to read email headers you may contact us by submitting a ticket to Domains - Legal and Abuse department, and we will gladly assist you with this.

    NOTE: Unfortunately, we are not able to investigate Spam complaints if unsolicited emails are sent using third party email services. This is because we have no access to the servers these emails originate from and there is no way for us to check the server logs to confirm the fact of abuse. Domain names (email addresses) can be easily spoofed, so in similar cases we are able to take action regarding the domain only in case it is blacklisted by trusted organizations (like SpamHaus or SURBL) or in case a report is received from a legal authority.

    Tip: When reporting spam please provide the full text of the email including its headers.

    NB: Regarding text message (mobile, SMS) spam cases, please contact the mobile operator which was used to send this text message, or file an official complaint to Federal Communication Commission.

  2. Phishing is the act of attempting to acquire sensitive information (usernames, passwords, or credit card details) using fake web-sites that look almost identical to the legitimate ones. If you detect such a web-site you may report it for further actions to be taken.

    Reporting phishing will require submitting a ticket to Domains - Legal and Abuse department. We would highly appreciate it if you attach a screen-shot of the abusive web-site and specify the target of phishing attack.

Email: [email protected] for complaints or open a support ticket by clicking button below.

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